Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Episode #28 of the Jim and Frank Podcast!

Yes, it's been ages since the Podcast blessed the world with its sage wisdom! Jim and Frank couldn't appear in this episode (Frank's busy promoting his new graphic novel, which is about the Carter Family, not "the 'Welcome Back Kotter' Family," as Ruth Belsen calls it on this all-new, all-now election day podcast!

Yes, just in time for votin' day, our favorite senior citizens, Ruth and her bee-eff-eff, Pet Hodgkins, visit the Podcast Sanctum and become embroiled in a political discussion with our long-suffering news correspondent, Hrrrf Mrfffklr.

As he stresses, most poignantly, you must get out and vote for Barry Kroger! Vote Kroger! Kroger! Kroger! Before it's too late, cast your ballot now, ladies and gentlemen!

Hear highlights from the presidential debate between Kroger and wheelchair-bound challenger Ezra Potter! Will there be a National Dress Code? Only you can help!

Ruth and Pet also discuss fat men in elevators, Rosicrucians, Hi-C beverages and cats. It's can't-miss infotainment to guide to to--and from--the voting booth!

Listen all the way to the end for a special message from Ruth to you!

Great Review of Frank and David's Carter Family Book from Byron Marshall


This book takes the format of the "Graphic Novel" and makes it sing. It's a wonderful portrait of the famous Carter Family, capturing the feeling of the rural South they came from and the imaginative, sorrowful mood that helped define the early years of commercial country music. And the sense of humor also.

The excellent artwork evokes the newspaper comics of the time. At some point an annotated edition would be fun!

The storytelling is equally top notch, building the story from chapter to chapter, bringing us close to the people and the songs. The storytelling is flexible, using short chapters that provide vignettes of the Carter Family career, the history of early radio, and American culture and history during those years.

I think this is one of the best books of the year, one of the best books I've read in years - graphic novel or any other kind. It uses the power of the image as flexibly as a good movie.

If you have any affection for or interest in the roots of country music you'll want to read this book, and read it over. Plus the book contains a generous amount of background material - and a CD! The edition looks great. Abrams is to be congratulated.

It seems it took a number of years to bring this to print. Yet there is no faltering. This is a powerful and sustained book.

You can get the dad-blamed thing here...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cartoon Simple

Cartoon Simple is a site that celebrates simplicity in cartoon drawings and comics. Steve Willis had these words to say about it:

"...brings to mind the advice I got from Seattle Post-Intelligencer cartoonist Ray Collins in 1977: if you want to be a great cartoonist-- study poetry. Say a lot with just a few lines. Then he politely told me my work was very bad. And it was. But I got better, in part because of what I learned from Ray.

Nelson Bentley, William Stafford, Ken Kesey, Richard Brautigan: I sought out the Pacific Northwest poets and writers. Authors who described the world I lived in. It made a difference in my comix."

I've posted the snippet from the last Pekar interview on Cartoon Simple and here on trickcoin.

by Steve Willis

Sunday, May 27, 2012

National Minicomics Day!

Me, Frank Young, Paul Tumey and Paul's son Reid made the trip down to McCleary Washington to join minicomics master Steve Willis for Minicomics Day 2012! Great fun was had. Minicomics were produced on Steve's own personal photo-copier (true badge of an authentic mc master!)!  Ever since I first read Steve's comics over 25 years ago I've wanted to get together with him and do a minicomics jam. Now I can say that I have!

Steve Willis in an artistic Morty trance

Steve Willis drawing on my ipad.

Steve explains to us why he is 51% certain that Bigfoot does exist.

Jim Gill, Steve Willis, Paul Tumey, Reid Tumey, Frank Young

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Audio interview with Steve Willis - The New Wave Days

Found this here: http://www.midnightfiction.com/shows/SPACE_2011.htm
Reposting it on soundcloud so I don't leach off of his bandwidth. Definitely go there and read the blog. Original content Copyright © 2011 Richard Krauss.
All other copyrights belong to their respective owners.

The Morty the Dog website is here: http://www.mortythedog.com/

Paul Tumey also just posted an appreciation of Steve at his delightful site The Masters of Screwball Comics.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ruth tells a bedtime story to Penrod


Monday, May 14, 2012

Harvey Pekar's Last Interview?

I love the first 45 seconds, in which Harvey enacts a final Pekar 1-pager for us. A month before Harvey Pekar died, Frank did a skype interview with him for a series of articles he was writing about the creative processes of comic book creators. Here are the first 7 minutes of that conversation.

We think this may be the last interview that Harvey ever gave.

If the audio is loading slowly, just go directly to Soundcloud where it should load more quickly:

Frank's Pranks... The Dog

After pressing "play", allow 5-20 seconds for the audio to load.

Monday, April 30, 2012

A Story from Frank - Book City

After pressing "play", allow 5-20 seconds for the audio to load.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

60 Minute Super Spectacular All Comics Episode of the Jim and Frank Podcast! Episode 27

Click here to play

All Comics Episode! Frank talks about the big graphic novel he just finished with Seattle master cartoonist David Lasky: Carter Family Comics. This soon to be published book has received rave reviews from Kim Deitch and Art Spiegelman... so... there's that. Plus, a surprise guest!!!

After you've listened to the new show, be sure to visit the Carter Family Comics website, and Mason Moray's blog: Panelogical Pantheon. (When you get to Mason's site, be sure to start with his first post and click "New Posts" when you get to the bottom of each entry. That way you can read the blog posts in chronological order and fully appreciate the broad sweep of this man's vision)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Episode 25! The Ramifications of a New Day! (Merry Santa Claus Day!)

Click here to listen!
Click here to download!

Here at the Jim & Frank compound, we've wracked our brains in search of a special holiday gift for our fan(s?).

Our prayers were perhaps over-answered. A thumb drive appeared in the mail last week, and with it a terse note:

Please broadcast this.
Make Gersh proud.
This is what he would have wanted.

- Clarence Dagnovovich

The device held 45 minutes of the sonorous, imposing voice of the inimitable Gershon Verne. These were recordings done in 1995 for Mr. Verne's aborted memoirs, "A Humble Magpie."

Why the book was never finished is anyone's guess. These rich, rambling selections reveal the true Verne: overbearing yet endearing, humble yet egotistical, cohesive yet incoherent. We think Gersh is a national treasure, and we are honored to share these raw ingots of wisdom from this ragged Renaissance Gentleman! Happy 2012 to you all- and we'll be back with new podcasts in the coming weeks and months.

Ponder the ramifications of a new day...