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These are the red-hot headlines for our special end-of-year JIM & FRANK PODCAST!

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Yes, it's the big finale of Season One, and we've gone out of their way to make it special!
It's two -- two-- TWO shows in one!

Show one: peerless two-fisted movie-maker ACE LOESSER (the director/writer/producer/key grip of such stunners as THWACKKK BING!, KER-FLOOM THUD! and BALANG SPLAAT!) holds a conference with Jim and Frank, re their up-coming big-budget bio-pic. (That's movie talk for a "biographical moving picture," i.e., a succession of still photographic images that, when projected, present the illusion of movement. With the addition of a soundtrack, the effect is remarkably lifelike.)

Ace has a unique vision for his pictures, and you get to listen in as he bruits about plot-twists, shock endings and such for our movie. You might want to open a window as you listen to this first sequence--it gets pretty darned smoky!

You might think, upon hearing this sequence, "whew! That's more than I could ever hope for in a Jim & Frank podcast!" Well, brother, it ain't over yet!

We switch to the upscale, classier-than-Lassie QUAIL LODGE, where singer-songwriter PENROD McCULLOUGH, alongside his accompanist/guru MEDWYN LEEDS, performs two of his stunning original songs. You are THERE as The Penrod Experience Plus works its musical and metaphysical magic to an appreciative, hungry audience.

We also hear from Quail Lodge manager GUS BUTRUSS--a truly explosive figure whom we wouldn't want to work for!

After that, you may feel spent... all your entertainment needs well and truly met! But there's more, friends! Do you have the courage to listen to the very end of this mega-length podcastraganza?

The show is designed to enhance your holiday experience. Use it to soothe your senses while you wrap the tree or bake presents. Wear it like a dashiki as you submit to airport pat-downs. Listen to it to avoid family conflicts--or use it to CAUSE them, if you wish!

We'll see you next year with a whole new season of podcastery. Until then, take it well!

Harry Stephen Keeler Audiobook! COMPLETE!

HARRY STEPHEN KEELER (1890-1967) is one of the strangest writers who ever lived. In his time, he was pegged as a mystery novelist who also wrote some science fiction. Today, if you've heard of him at all, it's as the Ed Wood of mystery novelists, a writer reputed to be so bad he's good. Actually, no genre, nor "camp," can much suggest what Keeler is all about... (from an essay by William Poundstone)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26

This is an audiobook recording of the complete text of "When Thief Meets Thief" by Harry Stephen Keeler.

The novel is a good, old-fashioned webwork tale involving a Chicago mystery novelist named Tillary Steevens ... no relation to Harry Stephen Keeler, of course ...

For more information about the master, be sure to visit Richard Polt's "Harry Stephen Keeler Society" website.

I'll be posting this complete reading to iTunes soon!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ruth and Pet in the kitchen - Best of Jim and Frank, from episode # 14

Ruth and Pet in the kitchen / from The Jim and Frank Podcast, Episode 14 from James Gill on Vimeo. which we collect our favorite moments from the first 18 episodes of the Jim and Frank Podcast, now in video so we can insert random pictures to hold the attention of easily distracted listeners.

In this clip from Episode 14, listen to Pet Hodgeson (Jim Gill) and Ruth Belsen (Frank Young) as they wrestle with life's challenges.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Steve Willis!

Pictured above: Young Steve Willis with an early Morty.

I'm delighted to report that one of my favorite cartoonists, Steve Willis, has not one, but two blogs!
This one is dedicated to his musings on his hometown and personal observations (including loads of movie reviews), and this one is devoted to exhibiting his rich treasure trove of small press comics!

As far as I'm concerned, the internet has now justified its existence!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jean Shepherd on Hate

Click here to listen.

In these early 60's broadcasts, Jean Shepherd is on fire.
Here, in honor of the upcoming elections is his brilliant rant on "hate."

The show is from 1964.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jim & Frank PodCast 18: Drama! Drama! Raw and Real! Gripping! Drama! Real! And!

Listen here!

The theme is on DRAMA... stark, stunning stagecraft, studded with startling, sparkling stars! All this and more, oh, so much more, is on tap with our new episode.
We're proud to indirectly present the first of Quail Hut's planned series of "internet audio movies."
(We're all too aware that they co-opted the program, once again, but we're trying to be generous. We hope it shows.)
Charles McCullough couldn't have chosen a more powerful play with which to inaugurate this sterling sonic sub-series. He contacted well-known playwright (and singer) Teñnessee Ernjye-Ffördë to pen a new original work for the digital sound-stage. He did not disappoint.
His "Approximately...Last AUGUST" is among the finest works of the millennial internet theater.
We do wish we'd gotten some advance word that this production was afoot. That said, we can't fault their choice of cast.
In the lead role is young starling PENROD McCULLOUGH, to whom you were thoroughly introduced in our prior podcast. Add to this RUTH BELSEN, The Great DI-JON and director-actor HERBERT FRIESE-DREI (who doubles as QuailCo's chief lawyer) and you've got... actors!
There are those who might notice a marked similarity between Mr. Ernjye-Fförd's audio-play and a certain dramatic work from the 1950s that was made into an all-star movie in 1959, itself peopled with famous actor-people...
Yes, there are some surprising coincidenci (plural of coincidences) in both plays' themes, characterizations, narrative events, and titles.
We did not want to foist a derivative work upon you, our audience of one. We contacted Mr. Ernjye-Ffördë at his remote chalet in Lagos and asked him THE question. He replaced the cigarette in his mother-of-pearl holder, added three more onions to his martini, found another cigarette holder, loaded it, lit both, and replied:

"There are no similarities. I wasn't even thinking of that old tired thing when I wrote my masterpiece. I was inspired by that song from the 1980s music group, the Travelodges, 'Approximately... Last August.' I was always struck by the dramatic potential in that title. The song itself is about a home re-tiling project that goes wrong, due to a pending divorce. Thus, it was wasted on the general public. I feel that a title has a responsibility to confront the public with the stunning, burning truth. So I rather borrowed it."

That was a long, bumpy trip to Lagos, and we were, frankly, a bit disappointed by having gone all that way for such a reply. But it is what it is, and so are we. And we are proud to present to you APPROXIMATELY... LAST AUGUST!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Presenting... Stan Lee's Most Pretentious Titles!

Ay! ...And here's the rubbeth!

How mayest thou know when thou hast truly found an utterance worthy of PRETENTIOUSTAN....?  Heed then this tell-tale sign... THOU SHALL KNOW IT WHEN THOU SEEITH IT! Be it merely an humble goofy comic book title such as:

"I Was Trapped by the Things on Easter Island!"

NAY! Noble though it may be, we speaketh not of these!

Here be a sign... Heareth thou this music as one readeth the master's words...?

...Then truly... SO IT BE!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jim & Frank #17: RuthAMERICAN BUSINESS BONANZA!!!special sharings!

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This new episode is perhaps our most special. It abandons the typical wacky goings-on for a heartfelt, emotionally intense memory show. Ruth Belsen shares with us some astounding stories of her life.
It hasn't all been sunshine, lollipops and rainbows for Ruth. She has witnessed and experienced some of the hardest times, the lowest points life can take, and yet she has also seen sunrises of promise, rainbows of hope and the sunsets of regret. Ruth opens up today. We weren't anticipating this outpouring of raw, sheer emo-


He's a man on the move in the modern minefield of bedazzling business! Known worldwide as the dashing, innovative impresario of QUAIL HUT, America's favorite family-style restaurant, Creative "Veep" McCullough reveals his philosophies on life, love and commerce in this special edition of AMERICAN BUSINESS BONANZA!
A variety of voices from past and present reveal why "Big Mac" is the most admired--and feared--man in modern American business! But it isn't all work for Charles! When not tending to America's favorite fowl franchise, "Big Mac" has a tender relationship with his adopted son, Penrod. Charles doesn't play hardball with Penrod. He shows his paternal, caring side. We were fortunate to capture some of these delicate moments between father and son--to paint a well-rounded portrait of this titanic tycoon of today!

That's this week's SPECIAL EDITION of...

moved beyond belief--just as we were on this very special day. These are memories you'll want to revisit time and again. We are blessed by the universe to have Ruth's life story. It's more than inspirational. It's a sort of hymn to life--all its ups and downs.
Take a moment to listen to this unique, never-to-be-repeated episode of our podcast. It just might change your life!
(We'll be back to the funny stuff again next week, folks... we hope you understand!)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Quail Hut Bonus: The New QH Kitteh Toy!

Our astute and devoted listener, Bill Humphries, spotted this new item in a Florida pet store.We weren't aware that the marketing arms and fingers of Quail Hut reached out into kitty toys. But they have!
Keep an eye out for this remarkable quail-stuffed "Li'l Yum Yum" [TM] figure. It ought to provide hours of fun for your cat... or even for you!
Just imagine placing this on the floor, loading it with the special roast quail concentrate pellets, forgetting about it, and then surprising yourself with it later!
Ah, the scampering, the careening, the mad abandon of the chase! As you knock over lamps, shelves, and other furniture, your mind is on the sole pursuit of this elusive, delectable game!
After your foray into mammalian chaos, you can conveniently blame the destruction on "that darned cat"--even if you don't have a feline in your home!
Everyone will believe you--honest! We believe you... see?
Thank you, Mr. Humphries, for bringing this gem to the attention of the world. It's a lulu!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crouton Investigations

Click here to listen!

Dark streets! Drifting Fog! Footsteps in the night! You won't find any
of these stock film noir elements in this new edition of the PodCast.
Yet we traffic in the seamy underbelly of the American experience--the
world of the private investigator.

Frank's still on the lam--from what, we don't know. Jim found a clue
which leads him to a discussion with "Harve" Marsden, a most unusual
"peeper" who operates (and we mean, "operates!") from a sleepy town in
New York state.

Ol' "Harve" (short for Harvard!) proves a classic character. His
gravelly voice... his singular opinions on life, work and popular
culture... his keen memory... his keen mastery of delegation and his
willingness to share confidential information with you, the listening
public... this fella's a keeper!

Jim finds out the intimate details of the "gumshoe" racket in this
special one-on-one, hard-hitting, no-bars-held, mano-a-mano interview.

We also learn of a shocking imitation of our proud sponsor, Quail
Hut--the detestable Pheasant Pharm. The very idea! Shame, shame... We
do what we can to sway Marsden from his errant path to the divine and
right road! Let's make it a Quail Hut Life!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jim & Frank PodCast 15--One For The Books!

Listen to this episode!

Frank's gone missing once again--big surprise! He's dropped the responsibility of a podcast in the lap of his partner-in-improv, Jim!
Jim comes through with an exclusive, on-site interview with Len Stoverson, reclusive "bookman." Surrounded by his dusty tomes and crusty cats, Mister Stoverson talks turkey about his literary friends (which include Madame Bovary and Farwell's Baseball Facts, 1951 edition).
Before this interview, we finally hear from another reclusive fellow--Charles McCullough, Creative "veep" of Quail Hut! He's emerged from hiding, and, via his appearance, we hear a dynamite new QH jingle from legendary Caucasian rhythm-and-blues septet the War-blers. They were once known for their toe-tappin', danceable anti-war ditties.
Now they're hawking "The Big Q" [TM]--but expect to hear more from this dynamic seven-man outfit PDQ!
(By the way, none of William H. Finnegan's books are currently in print. Fenneman's "hand-car" novels are somewhat easier to find--they're well worth a look!)
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Jim and Frank Now on iTunes!

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It's Ruth Verite--in Jim & Frank PodCast 14

Click here to listen.
The concept was simple. We gave our adorable "swinging senior," Ruth Belsen, a Tascam DR 07 portable digital recorder. After hours of patient explanation, we felt she had a reasonably good idea how to work the darned thing. We sent her out into the world, to create an audio portrait of her daily life.
Unfortunately, most of what Ruth recorded wasn't usable. You see, despite our lengthy lessons in how to operate the DR 07. Ruth got the RECORD and PAUSE functions confused. Thus, she had the thing off when she wanted to record, and on when she thought herself finished.
Hours of a digital recorder, running inside a senior citizen's cluttered purse, does not entertainment make. We coached her once more, and she brought back one conversation, with her protege Pet Hodgson. While not exactly the "audio verite" we hoped to receive, this conversation does reveal more about Ruth's everyday life than we really knew--or understood.

Ruth displays the patience of Job in her visit with the volatile Pet. We're actually proud of the maturity and sheer patience Ruth accords this troublesome comrade. We still wonder what all the phone-ringing and door-pounding, captured on the recording, is all about.

Frank interviewed Ruth about this, in a special PodCast Extra [TM]!

FRANK; What was all that pounding about, Ruth?

RUTH: Lawd! I wish I knew. It always seems to be going on when I visit.

FRANK: Doesn't your friend ever answer the door?

RUTH: [chuckles] She has her reasons, Frank. She has her reasons...

[long silence]

RUTH: What did you say, hon?


RUTH: What did you say, darling?

FRANK: Oh... I didn't say anything. I was...

RUTH: Oh, Lawd.

As you can see, some questions are best left unanswered. Ah, sweet mysteries of life! How they do abound!

No Quail Hut jingles this week. We hope Charles McCullough will come out of hiding soon. We've finished that container of QH Coffee, and we'd surely like some more!

Friday, May 28, 2010

"Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!" Podcast Number 13

In these hard times, we've all felt the pinch. Keep your sunny side up, say Jim and Frank.
And that's exactly what they DON'T do in this bipolar special episode!
First, we feature a hidden audio jewel: out-takes from a circa 1975 commercial overdub session, featuring the non-redoubtable genius of American mass media...
Verne, known for film classics such as Citizen Quail (1941) and The Terrific Thurmistons  ('42), plus the film noir gems The Dame From Shame-High ('48) and Touch of Hunger ('58), had fallen on hard times--much like us all today!--by the 1970s. Reduced to doing novelty children's recordings and TV-radio commercials, the understandably irate Verne never hesitated to show his bark and bite to trembling clients.

Here, we hear him, in high dudgeon, tackle with several choice Quail Hut jingles and commercial voice-tracks, in a freezing barn-slash-studio somewhere in Pennsylvania. We're betting you've never heard this notorious "audio verite" anywhere else, and we're pleased to present it to you!

Then, after a brief salute to THE JIM AND FRANK LOCAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK--Renton, Washington's fabulous JUST PARROTS (364 Renton Center Way Southwest
Renton, WA 98057-2378; 425-277-4555). No kidding, folks, this must be one of the finest small businesses in existence! Please go to them immediately for your real (or imagined) parrot-related needs!

The vibe goes down, down, down as we further explore Renton and Skyway, Washington's dilapidated and abandoned business district. Man, it's depressing--no two ways about it! We'll post the pictures in a special update here, later today. Then you can see what we're going on about, as we confront the shriveled, encrusted husk of Modern America!

(Don't worry. There's a happy marching song at the end to set things right!)

All this--and less!--in a special double-length episode of the world-acclaimed PodCast!

Download the mp3 by right clicking (Mac users: control>click) on the following link: JimNFrankNum13

Your Official Picture Supplement to Jim & Frank PodCast 13

Here are the photographs Jim and I took during our exploration of the grim 'n' gruesome failed business district of Skyway, Washington...
First up: some views of what is, perhaps, the saddest failed grocery store in the Pacific Northwest, MY ELDORADO...

Depressing, bleak, hopeless...


I have to face this thing on a daily basis. Was this really some poor deluded soul's El Dorado?

Following are a few more views of this unremitting heartbreaker....

Here's that abandoned, rusty gold Volkswagen Beetle we mentioned...

Now for a couple of shots of the soul-deadening casino we mentioned... it's very David Lynch-ish inside. Many millions of sucker-earned dollars have been taken from local yokels the hard way here:

A faded, once- fabulous 1950s BOWL sign takes some of the harsh edge off this depressing miasma of failure:

Whew--that's all you really need to get the picture.

Hey--for a heart-lifting chaser, here's an exclusive inside shot of Renton's fabulous JUST PARROTS!

Things seem happier already, huh? Who says there's no hope left in the world? Not us!

This photo-journalistic exercise has been brought to you by Quail Hut--featuring their "coo-coo-cooling" new confectionery treat: Quail Stikz!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Jim & Frank PodCast #12-- This One's For The Kids (And Their Huts!)

Like donuts and eggs, the Jim and Frank PodCast comes in dozens! This week's farm-fresh, cauterized episode caters to the kids!

Charles McCullough, like other American executives, has gone into deep hiding, in the wake of recent Wall Street shocks. Thanks to his faultless "QuailGram" system, he gets word to us.

His message: let's do one for America's tots and tykes! Good sports to the bitter end, that's just what we did!
Debuting on this week's J&FPC is the dynamic "Kid's Hut," a show by the young for the young! It's got kid interests at heart! Hear Frank tell a true-life story of his childhood mischief. He also displays a hint of latent sociopathy, as he cackles warmly at his youthful misdeeds. At least no one got hurt--it was really all in fun, honest!

For the adults, there's a special introduction by America's own Leonard Maltin, some talk about the early history of the Quail Hut franchise, a mention of the remarkable panelologist, Mason Moray (visit his astounding blog at - well worth your time!), and the usual back-and-forth frothy banter that's made the Jim & Frank PodCast the toast of seven nations (including Belgium)!

You know by now that it's futile to resist! Drop what you're doing and give us a listen!

PS: Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter--and get a genuine retro Quail Hut menu sent to you free of charge! Look below for the easy, painless instructions. C'mon, America--let's make it a Quail Hut life! [TM]

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

Jim & Frank PodCast 11: Wracked Packaging!

Quail Hut sponsors another all-new, all-now episode of the J&F shebang. We hear from Charles McCullough, our QH liaison, and then settle into some real-life chit-chat. Did you know that Frank (of Jim & Frank) is a gag writer for Topps Chewing Gum's legendary "Wacky Packages" trading cards? Yep, it's true!

Hear Frank talk about his amusing, enlightening experiences in writing mainstream merchandising satire as work-for-hire! Learn how the rules have subtly changed... "wacky" is far different now than it was in the wild and woolly 1970s! (For example, drunken hillbilly humor is a no-no, as Frank recently learned.)

Their chat is interrupted by a visit from Ruth and "The Great DiJon." Our pet prestidigitator is in a glum mood, and exits quickly. Ruth fills us in. We reprise our patented "ThoughTunes" process, the better to illustrate her many mood-swings with the magic that is (and always will be) music, sweet music!

We have the genuine pleasure--and deep honor--to unveil a brand new Quail Hut jingle in this program--a soulful ditty they call "It Feels Like Home." It's a wow, folks!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jim & Frank Podcast #10: Let's Make It a QuailHut Night!!

Who among us doesn't like those tender, gentle quails? And aren't we all just a little bit fond of huts?
I thought so! Therefore, please join us in a hearty welcome to our new sponsor, QuailHut Family Restaurants!
After last week's program, in which we parted ways with a former long-time sponsor, we were  bit leery of an immediate hook-up with a new corporate "parent."
We're proud to say that we've found an understanding, compassionate and caring home in QuailHut.
In this week's extra-length, super-spectacular show, we chat about things that matter to us, spend some time with the always-surprising Ruth Belson, and then hear from the official Jim & Frank Political Maven, Ira Dgrdsgy. You'll find him a changed man, with news and views that show his courage and outrage--often in the same ragged breath.
We'd like to thank Charles McCullough, Creative Vice President of QuailHut, for appearing on this show, and we look forward to a bright, happy future in alliance with "the Hut," as the kids call it.
So... let's make it a QuailHut night! And, in the meantime, please make it a Jim & Frank afternoon and hear our new podcast! Just click and enjoy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Cooooooooomin ATCHA!:" Jim & Frank Podcast Goes Ultra-Commercial!

On this week's Jim & Frank Podcast, to quote the phrase of our political correspondent, Ira Snsodsst, "the doo-doo hits the fan blades!"

Our allegiance with the Corectto Foundation has never been, shall we say, harmonious, but this week, things come to a head. "Honey," our executive liaison with the Foundation, has imposed a new, "now" format for the program.

We now "do our thing" before a live studio audience, complete with "mod" musical sounds and a professional announcer. They made us use one of those APPLAUSE signs, as seen above.

This episode marks a turning point for the Podcast. You'll just have to hear it for yourself. Just understand this... after this episode, everything you think you know about the Jim & Frank Podcast will never be the same again!

Oh--and we almost forgot... there's the Corectto Dancers! Hold onto your armchair, folks... this one's a doozy!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ten Minutes Without A Miracle: Episode #8 of The Jim & Frank Podcast

Just in time to reach our monthly quota of four episodes, here's the newest Jim & Frank Podcast!

This week, romance and new love are afoot at the Jim & Frank Media Compound. Ruth Belson returns as... prepare yourself for the shock... Mrs. "Uncle" Dicky Johnson--or, as they now bid us call them, The Great DiJon and Wife!

Ruth looks pretty remarkable in her spangled blue Spandex one-piece gown. You see, she's now the official stage assistant of The Great DiJon!

But it's not all bunnies and flowers, being hitched to a world-acclaimed master of legerdemain. Ruth confides in us, and tells all about the ups and down, the highs and lows, of being the intimate partner of a great magician.

Through a new scientific process we call ThoughTunes, Ruth's inner state is "painted" for the listener in music! You'll be able to track Ruth's highly volatile emotional condition as it changes--from second to second!

As if that weren't enough (and it isn't), The Great DiJon will perform one of his astonishing, complex feats on the air. It's an unforgettable experience. Of this we assure you.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Podcast #7: Up, Up, Up With Senior People on the Jim & Frank Podcast!

On behalf of our corporate sponsors, The Corectto Foundation, this week's special podcast focuses on the wants, desires and wisdom of the senior citizen people!

Hear them "rap" on what matters most to them. The weather! Presidents Dewey AND Kroger! Egg nog! The funny papers! Shoes! Memories! The war!

We also speak with a big-wig from Corectto, a guy we only know as "Honey." You'll get a glimpse of what our dealings with this powerful scion of public service are really like!

Ruth and "Uncle Dickie" are on a whirlwind vacation in Palm Springs, so they're regrettably absent from this, our seventh broadcast in this new, Non-Pandering Direction.

Senior citizen people are our biggest demographic, so let's hope this special episode will "tell it like it is" for our devoted listeners!

Special musical guest this week: legendary jazz clarinetist Jimmy Noone!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Could This Be Magic? Episode Six of "The Jim & Frank Podcast!"

There's magic in the air at the Jim and Frank Podcast Studio this week.
We interview legendary Puget Sound children's prestidigitator "Uncle Dicky" Johnson, who regaled us with surprising and inspirational stories about his almost four-decade career as the Seattle area's go-to guy for birthday shows, bar mitzvahs and Kiwanis meet-'n'-greets!
We also hear about the real Canada, from our pal, Ruth (America's voice of the senior citizen) and hear about the latest sinister doings in Washington, courtesy of our phone-in political maven, Ira ______! (We have committed his first name to memory!)
All these thrills and more in this jam-packed episode of THE JIM & FRANK PODCAST!
(a tip of the magic top-hat to Jay Sankey, by the way, for the dog's sphincter!)

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Podcast #5: A Hungry Legend of The Blues Talks with Jim & Frank!

We're honored to feature a candid, exclusive interview with the one and only Blind Willie Jefferson, blues legend of the 1930s and '40s, on this week's Jim & Frank Podcast.

As you may know, Blind Willie has resided in France since the early 1950s. He just happened to be in town this week. Like millions of others, all over the world, Blind Willie knows and respects the Jim & Frank Ethos, and he kindly agreed to tell the poignant story of his career in a revealing conversation with Jim.

(Frank is trapped in British Columbia, along with Ruth. But that's another story.)

Tune in and listen to a previously unknown chapter in the history of the blues!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Podcast #4: Come Unto the Eve of Breakfast with Jim & Frank!

What on earth could Aimee Semple McPherson [left] and Philip "P. F." Sloan [right] possibly have in common? They're both subjects of conversation on a special, all-talk edition of the Jim & Frank PodCast.
No improvised cut-ups or shenanigans this time... just the two of us talking about stuff. We hope this departure is an enjoyable one. We'll be back to the funny stuff next time.
That said, few things we might ever improvise could be funnier than Ms. McPherson's immortal 1926 religious rant, "Come Unto Me," which you will hear at the close of this week's jumbo-sized program.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jim & Frank Podcast #3: Avoid Craigslist Dentistry!

That's the harrowing lesson Frank learned on the new episode of the Jim And Frank Podcast.
All it took was a simple serving of this imitation of Seven-Up (pictured at right) and the loss of 35 hard-earned dollars to teach Frank a lesson he'll not soon forget.
It's Ruth to the rescue! But we don't want to spoil the fun of what happens.
There's also a valuable dramatization of rental property management, a delightful real-life anecdote, and, for a change, some actually good coffee.
Why be like everyone else, and miss out on all this fun? Just click on the pretty button below and spend approximately 27 minutes with us...

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Jim and Frank (Frank and Jim?) Podcast Returns: 2nd Big Episode!

It had to happen again, folks--The Jim and Frank Podcast has just released its second edition!

This 35-minute funfest features conversation, a remembered true-life dream, "Gripe Night" (our venerable viewer call-in segment) and, of course, more political news from our man in the fields, Chad... er... Chris... oh, bother! We forgot to write his name down AGAIN!!!

Special music for today's episode includes "Wistful Waltz," written by Frank Young (it's the "Gripe Night Theme," in other words), and a mysterious "demo" recording for the 1962 international smash hit "Telstar," moaned by its composer, the legendary Joe Meek, over the backing track to another song entirely.

There's plenty of information about Joe Meek on the internet--some of it is even true. But this home-made demo of "Telstar" is clearly something special--the same way our podcast is, always, something special.

Enjoy, by all means....

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