Saturday, January 23, 2010

Frank & Jim Podcast, 1/22/10: The Dawn of a New Era, Vol. ii

It had to happen, America, and here it is...

The all-new, all-now Frank & Jim Podcast!

As the subtitle implies, it truly is the dawn of a new era for our program. We feel that this fresh start is just what we've needed. The old formulas had grown stale, and we were just spinning our wheels.

We had some good times, and some big laughs, but now it's time to move on--and to grow up. We hope you approve of our maiden effort in what is, truly, The Dawn of a New Era, Vol. ii!

To join us on this new voyage, simply press the PLAY button above and listen.

A note on the music: our theme song for the program, "Occhi di Bambola," came from the wonderful, educational and lyrical blog Excavated Shellac. This haunting piece of music, recorded in 1928, just seemed to be the perfect theme song, in search of a program.

Well, if nothing else, we've created the program.

Look for a new Frank & Jim (Jim & Frank east of the Mason/Dixon line) each week at this time.

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