Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Jim and Frank (Frank and Jim?) Podcast Returns: 2nd Big Episode!

It had to happen again, folks--The Jim and Frank Podcast has just released its second edition!

This 35-minute funfest features conversation, a remembered true-life dream, "Gripe Night" (our venerable viewer call-in segment) and, of course, more political news from our man in the fields, Chad... er... Chris... oh, bother! We forgot to write his name down AGAIN!!!

Special music for today's episode includes "Wistful Waltz," written by Frank Young (it's the "Gripe Night Theme," in other words), and a mysterious "demo" recording for the 1962 international smash hit "Telstar," moaned by its composer, the legendary Joe Meek, over the backing track to another song entirely.

There's plenty of information about Joe Meek on the internet--some of it is even true. But this home-made demo of "Telstar" is clearly something special--the same way our podcast is, always, something special.

Enjoy, by all means....

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