Sunday, March 14, 2010

Could This Be Magic? Episode Six of "The Jim & Frank Podcast!"

There's magic in the air at the Jim and Frank Podcast Studio this week.
We interview legendary Puget Sound children's prestidigitator "Uncle Dicky" Johnson, who regaled us with surprising and inspirational stories about his almost four-decade career as the Seattle area's go-to guy for birthday shows, bar mitzvahs and Kiwanis meet-'n'-greets!
We also hear about the real Canada, from our pal, Ruth (America's voice of the senior citizen) and hear about the latest sinister doings in Washington, courtesy of our phone-in political maven, Ira ______! (We have committed his first name to memory!)
All these thrills and more in this jam-packed episode of THE JIM & FRANK PODCAST!
(a tip of the magic top-hat to Jay Sankey, by the way, for the dog's sphincter!)

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