Friday, March 26, 2010

Podcast #7: Up, Up, Up With Senior People on the Jim & Frank Podcast!

On behalf of our corporate sponsors, The Corectto Foundation, this week's special podcast focuses on the wants, desires and wisdom of the senior citizen people!

Hear them "rap" on what matters most to them. The weather! Presidents Dewey AND Kroger! Egg nog! The funny papers! Shoes! Memories! The war!

We also speak with a big-wig from Corectto, a guy we only know as "Honey." You'll get a glimpse of what our dealings with this powerful scion of public service are really like!

Ruth and "Uncle Dickie" are on a whirlwind vacation in Palm Springs, so they're regrettably absent from this, our seventh broadcast in this new, Non-Pandering Direction.

Senior citizen people are our biggest demographic, so let's hope this special episode will "tell it like it is" for our devoted listeners!

Special musical guest this week: legendary jazz clarinetist Jimmy Noone!

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