Friday, April 30, 2010

Jim & Frank PodCast 11: Wracked Packaging!

Quail Hut sponsors another all-new, all-now episode of the J&F shebang. We hear from Charles McCullough, our QH liaison, and then settle into some real-life chit-chat. Did you know that Frank (of Jim & Frank) is a gag writer for Topps Chewing Gum's legendary "Wacky Packages" trading cards? Yep, it's true!

Hear Frank talk about his amusing, enlightening experiences in writing mainstream merchandising satire as work-for-hire! Learn how the rules have subtly changed... "wacky" is far different now than it was in the wild and woolly 1970s! (For example, drunken hillbilly humor is a no-no, as Frank recently learned.)

Their chat is interrupted by a visit from Ruth and "The Great DiJon." Our pet prestidigitator is in a glum mood, and exits quickly. Ruth fills us in. We reprise our patented "ThoughTunes" process, the better to illustrate her many mood-swings with the magic that is (and always will be) music, sweet music!

We have the genuine pleasure--and deep honor--to unveil a brand new Quail Hut jingle in this program--a soulful ditty they call "It Feels Like Home." It's a wow, folks!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jim & Frank Podcast #10: Let's Make It a QuailHut Night!!

Who among us doesn't like those tender, gentle quails? And aren't we all just a little bit fond of huts?
I thought so! Therefore, please join us in a hearty welcome to our new sponsor, QuailHut Family Restaurants!
After last week's program, in which we parted ways with a former long-time sponsor, we were  bit leery of an immediate hook-up with a new corporate "parent."
We're proud to say that we've found an understanding, compassionate and caring home in QuailHut.
In this week's extra-length, super-spectacular show, we chat about things that matter to us, spend some time with the always-surprising Ruth Belson, and then hear from the official Jim & Frank Political Maven, Ira Dgrdsgy. You'll find him a changed man, with news and views that show his courage and outrage--often in the same ragged breath.
We'd like to thank Charles McCullough, Creative Vice President of QuailHut, for appearing on this show, and we look forward to a bright, happy future in alliance with "the Hut," as the kids call it.
So... let's make it a QuailHut night! And, in the meantime, please make it a Jim & Frank afternoon and hear our new podcast! Just click and enjoy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Cooooooooomin ATCHA!:" Jim & Frank Podcast Goes Ultra-Commercial!

On this week's Jim & Frank Podcast, to quote the phrase of our political correspondent, Ira Snsodsst, "the doo-doo hits the fan blades!"

Our allegiance with the Corectto Foundation has never been, shall we say, harmonious, but this week, things come to a head. "Honey," our executive liaison with the Foundation, has imposed a new, "now" format for the program.

We now "do our thing" before a live studio audience, complete with "mod" musical sounds and a professional announcer. They made us use one of those APPLAUSE signs, as seen above.

This episode marks a turning point for the Podcast. You'll just have to hear it for yourself. Just understand this... after this episode, everything you think you know about the Jim & Frank Podcast will never be the same again!

Oh--and we almost forgot... there's the Corectto Dancers! Hold onto your armchair, folks... this one's a doozy!