Monday, April 12, 2010

"Cooooooooomin ATCHA!:" Jim & Frank Podcast Goes Ultra-Commercial!

On this week's Jim & Frank Podcast, to quote the phrase of our political correspondent, Ira Snsodsst, "the doo-doo hits the fan blades!"

Our allegiance with the Corectto Foundation has never been, shall we say, harmonious, but this week, things come to a head. "Honey," our executive liaison with the Foundation, has imposed a new, "now" format for the program.

We now "do our thing" before a live studio audience, complete with "mod" musical sounds and a professional announcer. They made us use one of those APPLAUSE signs, as seen above.

This episode marks a turning point for the Podcast. You'll just have to hear it for yourself. Just understand this... after this episode, everything you think you know about the Jim & Frank Podcast will never be the same again!

Oh--and we almost forgot... there's the Corectto Dancers! Hold onto your armchair, folks... this one's a doozy!