Friday, May 28, 2010

"Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!" Podcast Number 13

In these hard times, we've all felt the pinch. Keep your sunny side up, say Jim and Frank.
And that's exactly what they DON'T do in this bipolar special episode!
First, we feature a hidden audio jewel: out-takes from a circa 1975 commercial overdub session, featuring the non-redoubtable genius of American mass media...
Verne, known for film classics such as Citizen Quail (1941) and The Terrific Thurmistons  ('42), plus the film noir gems The Dame From Shame-High ('48) and Touch of Hunger ('58), had fallen on hard times--much like us all today!--by the 1970s. Reduced to doing novelty children's recordings and TV-radio commercials, the understandably irate Verne never hesitated to show his bark and bite to trembling clients.

Here, we hear him, in high dudgeon, tackle with several choice Quail Hut jingles and commercial voice-tracks, in a freezing barn-slash-studio somewhere in Pennsylvania. We're betting you've never heard this notorious "audio verite" anywhere else, and we're pleased to present it to you!

Then, after a brief salute to THE JIM AND FRANK LOCAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK--Renton, Washington's fabulous JUST PARROTS (364 Renton Center Way Southwest
Renton, WA 98057-2378; 425-277-4555). No kidding, folks, this must be one of the finest small businesses in existence! Please go to them immediately for your real (or imagined) parrot-related needs!

The vibe goes down, down, down as we further explore Renton and Skyway, Washington's dilapidated and abandoned business district. Man, it's depressing--no two ways about it! We'll post the pictures in a special update here, later today. Then you can see what we're going on about, as we confront the shriveled, encrusted husk of Modern America!

(Don't worry. There's a happy marching song at the end to set things right!)

All this--and less!--in a special double-length episode of the world-acclaimed PodCast!

Download the mp3 by right clicking (Mac users: control>click) on the following link: JimNFrankNum13

Your Official Picture Supplement to Jim & Frank PodCast 13

Here are the photographs Jim and I took during our exploration of the grim 'n' gruesome failed business district of Skyway, Washington...
First up: some views of what is, perhaps, the saddest failed grocery store in the Pacific Northwest, MY ELDORADO...

Depressing, bleak, hopeless...


I have to face this thing on a daily basis. Was this really some poor deluded soul's El Dorado?

Following are a few more views of this unremitting heartbreaker....

Here's that abandoned, rusty gold Volkswagen Beetle we mentioned...

Now for a couple of shots of the soul-deadening casino we mentioned... it's very David Lynch-ish inside. Many millions of sucker-earned dollars have been taken from local yokels the hard way here:

A faded, once- fabulous 1950s BOWL sign takes some of the harsh edge off this depressing miasma of failure:

Whew--that's all you really need to get the picture.

Hey--for a heart-lifting chaser, here's an exclusive inside shot of Renton's fabulous JUST PARROTS!

Things seem happier already, huh? Who says there's no hope left in the world? Not us!

This photo-journalistic exercise has been brought to you by Quail Hut--featuring their "coo-coo-cooling" new confectionery treat: Quail Stikz!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Jim & Frank PodCast #12-- This One's For The Kids (And Their Huts!)

Like donuts and eggs, the Jim and Frank PodCast comes in dozens! This week's farm-fresh, cauterized episode caters to the kids!

Charles McCullough, like other American executives, has gone into deep hiding, in the wake of recent Wall Street shocks. Thanks to his faultless "QuailGram" system, he gets word to us.

His message: let's do one for America's tots and tykes! Good sports to the bitter end, that's just what we did!
Debuting on this week's J&FPC is the dynamic "Kid's Hut," a show by the young for the young! It's got kid interests at heart! Hear Frank tell a true-life story of his childhood mischief. He also displays a hint of latent sociopathy, as he cackles warmly at his youthful misdeeds. At least no one got hurt--it was really all in fun, honest!

For the adults, there's a special introduction by America's own Leonard Maltin, some talk about the early history of the Quail Hut franchise, a mention of the remarkable panelologist, Mason Moray (visit his astounding blog at - well worth your time!), and the usual back-and-forth frothy banter that's made the Jim & Frank PodCast the toast of seven nations (including Belgium)!

You know by now that it's futile to resist! Drop what you're doing and give us a listen!

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Saturday, May 1, 2010