Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Ruth Verite--in Jim & Frank PodCast 14

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The concept was simple. We gave our adorable "swinging senior," Ruth Belsen, a Tascam DR 07 portable digital recorder. After hours of patient explanation, we felt she had a reasonably good idea how to work the darned thing. We sent her out into the world, to create an audio portrait of her daily life.
Unfortunately, most of what Ruth recorded wasn't usable. You see, despite our lengthy lessons in how to operate the DR 07. Ruth got the RECORD and PAUSE functions confused. Thus, she had the thing off when she wanted to record, and on when she thought herself finished.
Hours of a digital recorder, running inside a senior citizen's cluttered purse, does not entertainment make. We coached her once more, and she brought back one conversation, with her protege Pet Hodgson. While not exactly the "audio verite" we hoped to receive, this conversation does reveal more about Ruth's everyday life than we really knew--or understood.

Ruth displays the patience of Job in her visit with the volatile Pet. We're actually proud of the maturity and sheer patience Ruth accords this troublesome comrade. We still wonder what all the phone-ringing and door-pounding, captured on the recording, is all about.

Frank interviewed Ruth about this, in a special PodCast Extra [TM]!

FRANK; What was all that pounding about, Ruth?

RUTH: Lawd! I wish I knew. It always seems to be going on when I visit.

FRANK: Doesn't your friend ever answer the door?

RUTH: [chuckles] She has her reasons, Frank. She has her reasons...

[long silence]

RUTH: What did you say, hon?


RUTH: What did you say, darling?

FRANK: Oh... I didn't say anything. I was...

RUTH: Oh, Lawd.

As you can see, some questions are best left unanswered. Ah, sweet mysteries of life! How they do abound!

No Quail Hut jingles this week. We hope Charles McCullough will come out of hiding soon. We've finished that container of QH Coffee, and we'd surely like some more!