Monday, July 5, 2010

Jim & Frank PodCast 15--One For The Books!

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Frank's gone missing once again--big surprise! He's dropped the responsibility of a podcast in the lap of his partner-in-improv, Jim!
Jim comes through with an exclusive, on-site interview with Len Stoverson, reclusive "bookman." Surrounded by his dusty tomes and crusty cats, Mister Stoverson talks turkey about his literary friends (which include Madame Bovary and Farwell's Baseball Facts, 1951 edition).
Before this interview, we finally hear from another reclusive fellow--Charles McCullough, Creative "veep" of Quail Hut! He's emerged from hiding, and, via his appearance, we hear a dynamite new QH jingle from legendary Caucasian rhythm-and-blues septet the War-blers. They were once known for their toe-tappin', danceable anti-war ditties.
Now they're hawking "The Big Q" [TM]--but expect to hear more from this dynamic seven-man outfit PDQ!
(By the way, none of William H. Finnegan's books are currently in print. Fenneman's "hand-car" novels are somewhat easier to find--they're well worth a look!)
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