Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crouton Investigations

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Dark streets! Drifting Fog! Footsteps in the night! You won't find any
of these stock film noir elements in this new edition of the PodCast.
Yet we traffic in the seamy underbelly of the American experience--the
world of the private investigator.

Frank's still on the lam--from what, we don't know. Jim found a clue
which leads him to a discussion with "Harve" Marsden, a most unusual
"peeper" who operates (and we mean, "operates!") from a sleepy town in
New York state.

Ol' "Harve" (short for Harvard!) proves a classic character. His
gravelly voice... his singular opinions on life, work and popular
culture... his keen memory... his keen mastery of delegation and his
willingness to share confidential information with you, the listening
public... this fella's a keeper!

Jim finds out the intimate details of the "gumshoe" racket in this
special one-on-one, hard-hitting, no-bars-held, mano-a-mano interview.

We also learn of a shocking imitation of our proud sponsor, Quail
Hut--the detestable Pheasant Pharm. The very idea! Shame, shame... We
do what we can to sway Marsden from his errant path to the divine and
right road! Let's make it a Quail Hut Life!