Friday, August 13, 2010

Quail Hut Bonus: The New QH Kitteh Toy!

Our astute and devoted listener, Bill Humphries, spotted this new item in a Florida pet store.We weren't aware that the marketing arms and fingers of Quail Hut reached out into kitty toys. But they have!
Keep an eye out for this remarkable quail-stuffed "Li'l Yum Yum" [TM] figure. It ought to provide hours of fun for your cat... or even for you!
Just imagine placing this on the floor, loading it with the special roast quail concentrate pellets, forgetting about it, and then surprising yourself with it later!
Ah, the scampering, the careening, the mad abandon of the chase! As you knock over lamps, shelves, and other furniture, your mind is on the sole pursuit of this elusive, delectable game!
After your foray into mammalian chaos, you can conveniently blame the destruction on "that darned cat"--even if you don't have a feline in your home!
Everyone will believe you--honest! We believe you... see?
Thank you, Mr. Humphries, for bringing this gem to the attention of the world. It's a lulu!