Friday, September 24, 2010

Jim & Frank PodCast 18: Drama! Drama! Raw and Real! Gripping! Drama! Real! And!

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The theme is on DRAMA... stark, stunning stagecraft, studded with startling, sparkling stars! All this and more, oh, so much more, is on tap with our new episode.
We're proud to indirectly present the first of Quail Hut's planned series of "internet audio movies."
(We're all too aware that they co-opted the program, once again, but we're trying to be generous. We hope it shows.)
Charles McCullough couldn't have chosen a more powerful play with which to inaugurate this sterling sonic sub-series. He contacted well-known playwright (and singer) Teñnessee Ernjye-Ffördë to pen a new original work for the digital sound-stage. He did not disappoint.
His "Approximately...Last AUGUST" is among the finest works of the millennial internet theater.
We do wish we'd gotten some advance word that this production was afoot. That said, we can't fault their choice of cast.
In the lead role is young starling PENROD McCULLOUGH, to whom you were thoroughly introduced in our prior podcast. Add to this RUTH BELSEN, The Great DI-JON and director-actor HERBERT FRIESE-DREI (who doubles as QuailCo's chief lawyer) and you've got... actors!
There are those who might notice a marked similarity between Mr. Ernjye-Fförd's audio-play and a certain dramatic work from the 1950s that was made into an all-star movie in 1959, itself peopled with famous actor-people...
Yes, there are some surprising coincidenci (plural of coincidences) in both plays' themes, characterizations, narrative events, and titles.
We did not want to foist a derivative work upon you, our audience of one. We contacted Mr. Ernjye-Ffördë at his remote chalet in Lagos and asked him THE question. He replaced the cigarette in his mother-of-pearl holder, added three more onions to his martini, found another cigarette holder, loaded it, lit both, and replied:

"There are no similarities. I wasn't even thinking of that old tired thing when I wrote my masterpiece. I was inspired by that song from the 1980s music group, the Travelodges, 'Approximately... Last August.' I was always struck by the dramatic potential in that title. The song itself is about a home re-tiling project that goes wrong, due to a pending divorce. Thus, it was wasted on the general public. I feel that a title has a responsibility to confront the public with the stunning, burning truth. So I rather borrowed it."

That was a long, bumpy trip to Lagos, and we were, frankly, a bit disappointed by having gone all that way for such a reply. But it is what it is, and so are we. And we are proud to present to you APPROXIMATELY... LAST AUGUST!