Saturday, December 25, 2010


These are the red-hot headlines for our special end-of-year JIM & FRANK PODCAST!

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Yes, it's the big finale of Season One, and we've gone out of their way to make it special!
It's two -- two-- TWO shows in one!

Show one: peerless two-fisted movie-maker ACE LOESSER (the director/writer/producer/key grip of such stunners as THWACKKK BING!, KER-FLOOM THUD! and BALANG SPLAAT!) holds a conference with Jim and Frank, re their up-coming big-budget bio-pic. (That's movie talk for a "biographical moving picture," i.e., a succession of still photographic images that, when projected, present the illusion of movement. With the addition of a soundtrack, the effect is remarkably lifelike.)

Ace has a unique vision for his pictures, and you get to listen in as he bruits about plot-twists, shock endings and such for our movie. You might want to open a window as you listen to this first sequence--it gets pretty darned smoky!

You might think, upon hearing this sequence, "whew! That's more than I could ever hope for in a Jim & Frank podcast!" Well, brother, it ain't over yet!

We switch to the upscale, classier-than-Lassie QUAIL LODGE, where singer-songwriter PENROD McCULLOUGH, alongside his accompanist/guru MEDWYN LEEDS, performs two of his stunning original songs. You are THERE as The Penrod Experience Plus works its musical and metaphysical magic to an appreciative, hungry audience.

We also hear from Quail Lodge manager GUS BUTRUSS--a truly explosive figure whom we wouldn't want to work for!

After that, you may feel spent... all your entertainment needs well and truly met! But there's more, friends! Do you have the courage to listen to the very end of this mega-length podcastraganza?

The show is designed to enhance your holiday experience. Use it to soothe your senses while you wrap the tree or bake presents. Wear it like a dashiki as you submit to airport pat-downs. Listen to it to avoid family conflicts--or use it to CAUSE them, if you wish!

We'll see you next year with a whole new season of podcastery. Until then, take it well!