Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Episode #28 of the Jim and Frank Podcast!

Yes, it's been ages since the Podcast blessed the world with its sage wisdom! Jim and Frank couldn't appear in this episode (Frank's busy promoting his new graphic novel, which is about the Carter Family, not "the 'Welcome Back Kotter' Family," as Ruth Belsen calls it on this all-new, all-now election day podcast!

Yes, just in time for votin' day, our favorite senior citizens, Ruth and her bee-eff-eff, Pet Hodgkins, visit the Podcast Sanctum and become embroiled in a political discussion with our long-suffering news correspondent, Hrrrf Mrfffklr.

As he stresses, most poignantly, you must get out and vote for Barry Kroger! Vote Kroger! Kroger! Kroger! Before it's too late, cast your ballot now, ladies and gentlemen!

Hear highlights from the presidential debate between Kroger and wheelchair-bound challenger Ezra Potter! Will there be a National Dress Code? Only you can help!

Ruth and Pet also discuss fat men in elevators, Rosicrucians, Hi-C beverages and cats. It's can't-miss infotainment to guide to to--and from--the voting booth!

Listen all the way to the end for a special message from Ruth to you!